How to be more innovative?

How to be more innovative?
How to be more innovative?

‘I think the more interesting ones are the ‘what if’ questions like what if this does work.’ – Sam Schillace

Sam Schillace, deputy CTO at Microsoft and the mind behind Google Docs, imparts his wisdom on innovation, fostering a creative mindset, and the importance of user-centric design in this enlightening discussion. He delves into his experiences at Google and Microsoft, providing valuable insights into the world of tech innovation.

Table of Contents

  1. The Power of Passion
  2. Optimism as a Creative Catalyst
  3. ‘First Principles Thinking’ in Innovation
  4. User-Centric Approach in Product Development
  5. Understanding User Behavior
  6. Simplicity Trumps Feature-Loaded Designs
  7. Identifying Disruptive Technologies
  8. Rapid Product-Market Fit Realization
  9. The Unassuming Nature of Disruptive Innovations
  10. Embracing What You Enjoy Doing
  11. ‘What If’ Questions Over ‘Why Not’
  12. User Onboarding Should Be Frictionless

The Power of Passion

Passion is a driving force behind successful innovations.

Leveraging one’s strengths and interests can lead to remarkable outcomes that not only bring personal satisfaction but also create value for others.

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Optimism as a Creative Catalyst

Maintaining an optimistic outlook can significantly enhance creativity and foster innovative thinking.

Instead of dwelling on potential obstacles or challenges, embracing the possibility of success can open up new avenues for exploration.