How to improve the discipline of product management?

How to improve the discipline of product management?
How to improve the discipline of product management?

‘When we see sales or executive driven product management, it’s really on the individual and the discipline has to elevate itself to a place that it earns the right to make a decision on what we do.’ – Christian Idiodi

Christian Idiodi, partner at Silicon Valley Product Group, unravels the misconceptions about product managers and highlights the four key attributes that shape their role: value, usability, viability, and feasibility.

Table of Contents

  1. The Core of Product Management
  2. Transforming Negative Perceptions
  3. Significance of Coaching
  4. Emphasizing Continuous Learning
  5. ‘Four Pillars’ of a Product Manager’s Role
  6. ‘Reference Customers’: A Powerful Tool
  7. Evolution of ‘Product-Led’ Companies
  8. Power of Positive Reviews
  9. Achieving Market Fit: A Milestone
  10. Identifying Early Adopters
  11. Catering to Customer Needs
  12. Leveraging Customer Feedback for Marketing

The Core of Product Management

Product management is fundamentally about problem-solving for others in such a way that they receive something valuable in return.

This could be revenue, engagement, loyalty or reference.

The role demands an in-depth understanding of customers, data, industry trends, business strategies and the product itself.

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Transforming Negative Perceptions

Negative perceptions about product managers often stem from a lack of understanding and competency within an organization.

To transform these perceptions, it’s essential to build trust through competence and a deep understanding of customer needs.