How to make meetings more meaningful?

How to make meetings more meaningful?
How to make meetings more meaningful?

‘Meetings are really the most powerful one. And you can channel that into clarity of intent on what happens next.’ – Elise Keith

In a world where meetings are an integral part of our work life, it’s crucial to make them as effective and engaging as possible. Matt Abrahams (lecturer at Stanford University Graduate School of Business) and Elise Keith (an expert on effective meetings and communication) explore practical tools and insights to make meetings meaningful, productive, and memorable, highlighting the significance of purpose, outcome, and active participation.

Table of Contents

  1. The Power of Meetings
  2. Types of Meetings
  3. Purpose & Outcomes
  4. Effective Use of Calendar Invites
  5. Active Engagement & Equity
  6. Natural Behaviors over Ground Rules
  7. Task Division
  8. Managing Participation
  9. Paraphrasing Key Points
  10. Handling Dominating Individuals
  11. Clear Intentions & Active Engagement

The Power of Meetings

Meetings serve as a significant channel for information flow within an organization.

They offer an opportunity for everyone to focus on the same information at the same time, align their intentions, and decide on future actions.

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Types of Meetings

Meetings can be categorized into three types: cadences (regular check-ins), catalysts (change-oriented), and context (understanding the bigger picture).

Identifying the type helps design the meeting better to suit its purpose.