The Decisions That Made a Championship Team | Les Snead | Knowledge Project

The Decisions That Made a Championship Team | Les Snead | Knowledge Project
The Decisions That Made a Championship Team | Les Snead | Knowledge Project

In this episode of The Knowledge Project Podcast, Les Snead, the General Manager of the Los Angeles Rams, shares his insights on the strategies that led the Rams to become a Super Bowl Champion.

He discusses the importance of assessing character, drafting the right player, the complex nature of trading players, and the significance of being relentlessly curious.

The ‘Flywheel of a Team’

The ‘flywheel of a team’ changes depending on whether the team is in a window of contention or a phase of rebuilding.

During a window of contention, the focus is on building a team rather than just collecting talent.

Influence of Mentors and Coaches

Mentors and coaches can leave lasting impressions that shape one’s philosophy and approach to leadership.

Lessons on resilience, perseverance, the power of mindset, humility, mental toughness, energy, consistency, efficacy, and patience can significantly influence one’s leadership style and decision-making process.

The Significance of Being Relentlessly Curious

Being relentlessly curious is crucial in the ever-changing landscape of the NFL.

Teams need to constantly adapt their strategies and player rosters to stay competitive.

The Importance of a Good Process

Having a good process and designing the calendar in an intentional manner is crucial.

Each day should be focused on getting to the mountaintop, but it’s important to acknowledge that the mountaintop will not be reached in a single day.

Building a Team vs. Collecting Talent

Building a team involves more than just collecting talent.

It’s about identifying and making necessary tweaks to the team model to improve performance, and considering how individuals will work together as a team.

The Importance of Character Assessment

Character assessment plays a crucial role in building a successful team.

Leaders within the team can inspire and motivate others towards victory.

For instance, Von Miller’s act of bringing a replica of his Super Bowl trophy to the locker room and writing daily motivational messages significantly boosted the team’s morale.

Addressing the ‘Elephant in the Room’

Addressing the ‘elephant in the room’ is a crucial aspect of leadership.

It’s important to confront and resolve issues directly rather than avoiding them.

Patience in decision-making is also vital, allowing for more thoughtful and effective choices.

The ‘Window of Contention’

The ‘window of contention’ is a period when a team is in a strong position to compete for the championship.

While the vision is to always be in this window, changes in the team, such as the retirement of a key player, can affect this.

The Impact of Systems in NFL Football

Different tactics and systems can significantly impact a team’s performance.

Identifying players who might excel in one system but are devalued in another can be a useful strategy.

The Success of a Coach Depends on the Team and System

A coach’s success can depend on the team and system they are working with, not just their individual skills and abilities.

The right fit within a team’s system can significantly enhance a player’s performance.

We probably do not win the Super Bowl if we do not trade for Von Miller. He brought the replica… his replica Super Bowl trophy and put it in our locker room… and he would hand write a message right of what we needed to do that day. – Les Snead

I was raised by football because they (the coaches) made an impression, an imprint on me… each coach, each person I’ve worked with, all the way to Tom Kaufman who’s won two Super Bowls, I do think they played a part in being the father that I didn’t have. – Les Snead

The Concept of ‘Hidden Production’

Hidden production refers to the impact a player has on the game that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet.

This is a crucial factor to consider when assessing a player’s performance.

The Concept of Winning a Battle

Winning a battle, such as the Super Bowl, requires patience and a focus on the process rather than the immediate result.

It’s akin to climbing Mount Everest, where each step of the journey is as important as reaching the final goal.